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Delta Sigma Chi Donation Opportunities

DSC Endowment

Sustainability and Perpetuity for our Fraternity was created in 2016. Having endowed funds guarantees the future by providing resources for critical times and eventually for land, buildings and chapter and alumni events and activities. The Endowment is part of our commitment to support the founding principles of chiropractic and to ensure our profession’s future. Your contribution to the endowment makes this possible and may be made in several ways.

Graduate Brother Membership:
20% of all Graduate Brother Dues are contributed to the DSC Endowment.

Lifetime Membership:
100% of Lifetime dues are contributed to the DSC Endowment.

Delt Donation Day:
Each year in April Brothers are encouraged to contribute a day’s office collections & when available will include matching funds from other contributors.

Gifts in Kind:
Graduate Brothers are able make philanthropic contributions to the fraternity in gratitude for the impact being a brother has had on their life.

Wills & Bequests:
As a 501-C-3 Non Profit organization it may be a significant part of an estate plan to Leave a part of your estate to Delta Sigma Chi.

Amazon Smile:
Any Brother using Amazon Prime to make purchases can select Delta Sigma Chi to make a contribution to our Fraternity.


A message from the Managing Members of the Delt100:

On November 3rd, 2019, the managing members of the Delt 100 met at the Pyne house in Vermont to determine the next chapter for the Alpha House In Davenport. Stay Tuned for more information, and check the link below, as we will need your help as we launch this project.


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Delt 100