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History of Nu Chapter

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In the fall of 1991 Dan Mitschele, a student at Life West Chiropractic College, had an interest in forming a Fraternity on campus. He realized he could formulate a subordinate chapter of Delta Sigma Chi and spearheaded a mission to accomplish just that. Dan got five other students interested in going to Alpha Chapter to apply for a Charter and form a new chapter. In December of 1991, during the winter recess from school, they rented an R.V. and drove from the Bay Area of California to Davenport, Iowa, stopping in Omaha, Nebraska for New Year’s Eve. Their trip was delayed due to a snow storm but they eventually made their way. After arriving at Alpha Chapter an abbreviated but very intense pledge process began. One of the men dropped out on the second day and flew home. Upon completion in January of 1992 the Charter was issued and the Nu Chapter was named.

The five gentlemen who traveled to Davenport, embarking on the course of opening a Chapter at Life West would come to be known as the “Fearless Five” and included Dan "Slowlane" Mitschele, Chris "Psycho" Dawson, Don “Jeff” Stout, Gregory "Ghost" Smith, and John "Quiver" Landucci.

The Brothers of Nu Chapter have engaged in many fraternal and social functions including an annual Lyceum each July on the campus of Life West. Of particular note is the realization of a dream for Erik J. Van Slooten, who in November of 2006, along with his fellow Brothers of Nu Chapter, formulated and kicked off the “Talk-the-TIC” competition which has evolved into nothing less than a movement within the Chiropractic colleges. The Brothers have seamlessly united students, faculty, and sponsors toward this cause. An exchange of historic proportions has emerged, motivating students to ascend to their greatest professional potential.

This forum carries with it the passion of Chiropractic principle, the raw energy of students, and the dignity that comes with developing one's professional skills. As a competitive forum, it empowers students to speak. As a political symbol, it speaks of the power of the student voice, a voice of clarity for Chiropractic.

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