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History of Lambda Chapter

While attending Palmer College, Charlie Kalb was an active member of Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity Alpha Chapter in Davenport, Iowa, where he held office as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President. Brother Flamingo graduated from Palmer College in the spring of 1974. Charlie Kalb and Gerard Clum, well known as the “wonder twins” of Chiropractic, spent most of the next year helping Dr. Sid Williams formulate and open Life College.

In January 1975 Life College began with Dr. Sid and Nell Williams and 4 faculty members: Ron Watkins, Edward Ambrose, Gerard Clum and Charlie Kalb. They had an inaugural class of twenty students. Dr. Kalb petitionied the Delta Sigma Chi Grand Council for a Charter to start a Chapter at Life College. Winter quarter classes were set to begin at Palmer on January 6, 1976. As luck would have it, classes were delayed at Life College until January 15th. Charlie saw this as the perfect timing and opportunity to take a pledge class of the fledgling Lambda Chapter to Davenport.

Charlie and 6 pledges set off in two cars for the road trip to Alpha chapter. Once in Iowa the Charter was issued and an extraordinary four day pledge process began. Fearing that the process would be a much longer time period, three pledges dropped out and drove home to Atlanta. The remaining three pledges were stuck in Davenport having driven in Charlie’s car. It was obvious that they had no other way to get home so they stuck it out.

The first Ritual of Lambda Chapter Initiated Paul Silcox, of Ohio, Bob Wickle of Georgia and Kevin Smith of New Jersey. Permanent officers were selected and Bob Wickle was elected Lambda Chapter’s first president.

At the second pledge process 15 candidates including Rob Amaea, John Boyer, Jim Burnham, Neil I. Davis, Mel Eubanks, Don Force, David Foster, Robert A. Leach, Mike Lorente, Michael Schmidt, Bill Tenenbaum, Mark Liungerank, Steve Warfield, Bill Willis, and Ralph Zaweke began the pledge process. Several weeks later all 15 were Initiated into the Brotherhood of Delta Sigma Chi.

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