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Delt Success School

Chiropractic Success School will not be focused on technique, but on the business of caring for patients beyond technique.  The Success School is a function of the Learning & Development Committee of Delta Sigma Chi International Chiropractic Fraternity and is coordinated by Chapter Leadership.

Brothers in their last year of Chiropractic College or University and Brothers who are in their first five (5) years of practice will receive significant benefits from learning from alumni Brothers with successful practices.

The success school will be provided at each of the chapters once a year and will be a weekend event with a number of chiropractors covering different aspects of practice, which will include but not be limited to:

  1. The Fundamental Elements of Practice
  2. Communication Skills (How to introduce chiropractic to patients)
  3. Relationship Skills (How to maintain long term relationships with patients)
  4. Office Procedures
  5. The Economics of Practice

There will be no fee for student Brothers and a benefit of paying dues for Alumni Brothers to attend the Chiropractic Success School.

Contact Learning & Development Committee Chair